A reactive, cloud-native framework for building microservices

Now integrated with OpenTelemetry


Hiveio is able to give lightning fast response times by implementing and supporting microservices with Node.js and Fastify.


Each microservice contains and isolates aggregates in your domain model to ensure that you are still capable of serving traffic, even during a catastrophic event or unexpected high volume.


Hiveio enables auto scaling solutions to save you not only money but increased uptime when production workloads get unpredictable.

Message Driven

Hiveio provides an asynchronous, message passing framework that ensures loose coupling, isolation, and location transparency with Node.js and Kafka.

Cloud Native

Hiveio is implemented with standardized Docker images to wrap your domain logic with a lightweight, RESTful interface. This allows you to skip the boilerplate setup/maintenance and dive straight into adding immediate value to your application.

Each base image is highly extensible and configurable right out of the box. They make very few assumptions to support different architectures which allows it to pair well with other cloud native initiatives and patterns.

We've even added embedded observability with the flip of a switch by integrating with OpenTelemetry. This gives immediate visibility into how your services perform with tracing and metrics support.

Flexible & Robust

Hiveio uses the JSON Schema and Flux Standard Action specifications to automatically serialize and validate your data Models for network transport. We call it Model JSON Serialization and it allows you to standardize data exchanges directly into fully validated Model instance.